Terms and Conditions

TFB Hire Terms and Conditions


• All products and services are supplied according to TFB’s “Terms and Conditions” and these Conditions of Supply. A copy of TFB’s “Terms and Conditions” is available on
our website www.thefencebloke.com.au, and if there is any conflict between TFB’s “Terms and Conditions” and these Conditions of Supply, these Conditions of Supply will take precedence.
• Unless otherwise agreed in writing, full payment is required prior to provision of the products and services.
• Payments may not be prorated across the term of the hire period and no retention monies may be deducted.
• Work cannot be booked until confirmation to proceed is given.


• Each TFB quote (“Quote”) is valid for a period of 30 DAYS ONLY.
• The Quote is subject to availability, and to change depending on actual quantities 
required and site conditions.
• The Quote is applicable for the named site only.
• A request for delivery and/or installation or a direction to perform other works including 
variations pursuant to the Quote will be deemed to be an acceptance of the Quote, these Conditions of Supply and TFB’s “Terms and Conditions”.


• Where the Quote includes delivery, installation and/or removal of hired products, the Quote is subject to:
– the delivery/installation/removal being within TFB’s normal working hours
– easy access and straightforward delivery/installation/removal
• Unless already specifically covered in the Quote, additional delivery, installation, removal and/or transport charges will apply where:
• Installation/removal location exceeds a 30m radius from access point
• Terrain is rough, steep and/or poor or where there is heavy vegetation or boggy 
– Access is hindered and/or delivery/installation/removal process is slowed due to access/installation difficulties
– Delivery/installation/removal is required outside of TFB’s normal working hours
– Extra visits to site are required for maintenance, re-stands (for whatever reason), re-locations, partial removals or additional deliveries (additional hire charges may also apply in these situations).
– TFB is delayed or prevented from delivering, installing or removing for any reason 
beyond its reasonable control
• The deadline for cancellation or changes to delivery, installation or removal is 11am on the day PRIOR to the date organised. Any changes after this time will incur additional charges.
• If products are returned in a worse condition to when they were dispatched from TFB’s depot (fair wear and tear excepted), but are still usable for further hire, the Hirer will be responsible for TFB’s cleaning and maintenance costs.


• Traffic Control, if required, will incur additional charges.
• Site Induction, if required, will be charged at $75.00 (ex GST) per man per hour with a minimum of one hour per person.
• Unless otherwise negotiated at least 1 week beforehand, AT EXPIRATION OF THE INITIAL PERIOD, the hire rate will revert to TFB’s then current cycle billing rates. Any rates agreed after the expiration of the Initial Period will not be back dated.
• As a guide, TFB’s current labour rates per person are:
- $80 per hour (ex GST) during TFB’s normal working hours (1 hour minimum per person)
- $120 per hour (ex GST) outside TFB’s normal working hours Monday to Friday and on Saturday (4 hours minimum per person)
- $160 per hour (ex GST) Sunday & public holidays (4 hours minimum per person) TFB will charge its labour rates for travel time depot to depot and load/unload time where applicable. Such charges will be in addition to any transport charges that may be applicable.
• All rates (including labour rates and cycle billing rates) are subject to change by TFB.
• Minimum quantities apply to all installations.

6 FENCING and related product/services

• The Hirer must give TFB advance notice of any special or unusual features of the installation site, such as where products are to be installed in high pedestrian areas, so that TFB can ensure that installation is appropriate to the site.
• Fences must be braced at all times.
Extra charges may be applicable for site specific bracing for fence stability / wind loading if deemed necessary by TFB’s installers.
Additionally, shade cloth or signage attached to fencing panels creates additional wind loading and requires the necessary bracing for safety and security. Please contact TFB’s office to arrange for a site inspection and quotation for site specific requirements.
• Fences must be installed or moved in accordance with the TFB installation manual.
• Unless otherwise specified in the Quote, and subject to the next bullet point, the hire price includes one delivery, one installation and one final removal.
• The installation/removal rate for fencing is based on 65mtrs for every one hour of labour, and the minimum number of hours chargeable by TFB is the amount of fencing divided by 65 mtrs. Access/installation difficulties which slow delivery/installation/removal and cause additional time to be spent will result in additional charges.
• No responsibility is taken for any underground services when ground penetration is required for installation. All underground services are performed by TFB as the Hirer’s agent, and the Hirer is responsible for any issues or problems caused by the ground penetration.

7 SAFETY and related product/services

• If any additional plant or equipment is required for installation, and TFB arranges for it to be provided, then it will be provided on the basis of cost plus 25%.


Please click here to download our full terms and condition in Adobe PDF format.

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